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Rugged Computers

Our Rugged Computers provide high-end military and industrial users with a variety of options and connectivity to meet demanding needs.

Guardian Model 115 Rugged Laptop

  • 15.6" Hi-def resolution
  • Meets IP54, MIL-STD 810G stds
  • Drop and shock resistant
  • Multiple security features

Guardian Model 117 Rugged Laptop 

  • 17.1" Anti-reflective LCD screen
  • Meets IP55, MIL-STD 810G stds
  • Many options available: Wireless, WAN, PAN, GPS, modem

Guardian Model 500 Ultra Rugged Laptop 

  • 15.6" Hi-def, 800 NITS display
  • Meets IP65, MIL-STD 810G stds
  • Glove-friendly multi-touch LCD
  • Night Vision, Hi-Power WiFi options

Guardian Rugged Panel PC

Industrial Computing has developed high-end industrial and military performance in a durable, economical, small footprint PC package.

The Guardian model is available in rugged NEMA 4X compliant enclosures, making them ideal for industrial and military, automation control, data collection, process and master monitoring, and operator interface applications where space and budget are limited.

Guardian II Series Rugged Portable Workstation

  • Military base and field operations
  • Field service & diagnostic application in many industries
  • Portable servers & workstations
  • Network and communications testing