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Guardian 18″ Patient Monitoring System Model 1860

Guardian Medical Patient Monitoring System Model M1860

This is a nursing bedside care system that is 60601 medically qualified. It is designed as both a bedside infotainment unit for patients' comfort and convenience and a point-of-care workstation that is ideal for Hospital Wards/Carts and Nursing Institutions.

Powered by a fanless Intel® Atom N270 processor, the Guardian Model M1860 is a medical grade tablet PC that provides a stable and noise-free environment, which makes it suitable for clinical and nursing institutions. The 18.5" touchscreen and programmable keys are designed for ease-of-use and can be safely cleaned with alcohol, bleach and medical detergent for protection against bacterial infection.

Features Include:

  • EMR/EHR Software Compliant
  • 60601 Medically Qualified Tablet
  • Healthcare-oriented Security System Applicable
  • Redundant Battery (Internal + Hot-swappable External Battery) w/ Long Battery Life (3.5hrs)
  • Slip-free Grip for Easy Handling
  • Ultra-light (1.6kg/3.5 lbs. with Internal + External Battery)
  • Multi-connectivity (Bluetooth/WLAN)
  • Integrated 2D Barcode Scanner, 2.0 Megapixels Camera, RFID Reader
  • Multi-expansion by Docking Station (1 x LAN, 1 x RS-232, 3 x USB, 1 x VGA, 1 x Charging Bay)
  • Automatically Lock/Unlock with Biometric Recognition

Medical Personnel Can:

  • Get quick data retrival through the RFID, barcode and Smart Card reader
  • Access and update patient healthcare records and medication history
  • case consult with the doctor using a variety of communication options

Patients Can:

  • Self-register
  • Perform a vital sign self-check
  • Enjoy multi-media entertainment
  • Use the VOIP phone to communicate with staff
  • Order meals right off the menu

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