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Guardian 17″ Patient Monitoring System Model 1760

Guardian Medical Patient Monitoring System Model M1760

This is an advanced nursing bedside care system that is 60601 medically qualified.  The M1760 Patient Monitoring System can be implemented at the hospital bedside or in a consulting room as a POC (Point-of-Care) workstation and its' integrated bedside infotainment function helps create a comfortable environment for the patient. It can be operated in multiple ways including setting a medical cart to mounting with a smart clinical arm.


  • EMR/EHR software compliant
  • 60601 Medically Qualified Tablet
  • Fanless Design and Operating
  • Applicable for Bedside Infotainment, Self-registration
  • Soldered Onboard Intel® Atom™ N270 Processor
  • Seamless Flush Front Panel for Easy Cleaning


  • Water-proof, Dust Resistant
  • Multi-connectivity (Bluetooth/WLAN/GbE LAN)
  • Integrated VOIP Phone, Camera and Smart Card Reader
  • Intel® SSD Compatible
  • Ventless Design, Water-proof, Dust Resistant


  • Support MPEG-2 (AVC/H.264) & VC-1; 720p60, 1080i60, 1080p@24 up to 20Mps
  • Privacy Cover on Camera
  • Patient Identification Through Integrated RFID, Barcode
  • Intel® SSD Compatible

The Guardian Model M1760 comes with a fanless Intel® Atom N270 CPU and 2GB system memory. The touchscreen and programmable membrane keys are not only designed for ease of use for patients but can also be easily cleaned with alcohol for a germ-free environment. With its dual Gigabit Ethernet high-speed data transmission, clinicians can immediately import patients’ records while diagnosing and access relevant information through the hospital information system.

Medical Personnel Can:

  • Get quick data retrival through the RFID, barcode and Smart Card reader
  • access and update patient healthcare records and medication history
  • access and update patient healthcare records and medication history
  • Case consult with the doctor using a variety of communication options

Patients Can:

  • Self-register
  • Perform a vital sign self-check
  • Enjoy multi-media entertainment
  • Use the VOIP phone to communicate with staff
  • Order meals right off the menu


Download the Spec Sheet Here

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