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Guardian 12″ Mobile Clinical Assistant Model 1260

Guardian Mobile Clinical Assistant Model 1260

This is a 12" Rugged Portable Medical Tablet PC for Mobile Clinical Assistant applications. The Model 1260 is suitable for use in a laboratory, ER, OR, ICU, at the bedside and numerous other hospital or clinical environments. It gives the clinician the ability to access and update patient data anywhere there is an internet signal, increases productivity and eliminates human error. The MCA 1260 also enhances data accuracy, patient's privacy, and security.

Guardian Model M1260 packs the Atom N270 together with a 12.1-inch resistive touchscreen, 1GB of RAM, 60GB hard-drive and WiFi a/b/g. It also offers long battery life and patient application certification. The front panel is IP54 compliant, making it water and dust resistant and readily cleanable and easily sterilized for use in a clinical environment.

Features Include:

  • EMR/EHR Software Compliant
  • 60601 Medically Qualified Tablet
  • Healthcare-oriented Security System Applicable
  • Redundant Battery (Internal + Hot-swappable External Battery) w/ Long Battery Life (3.5hrs)
  • Slip-free Grip for Easy Handling
  • Ultra-light (1.6kg/3.5 lbs. with Internal + External Battery)
  • Multi-connectivity (Bluetooth/WLAN)
  • Integrated 2D Barcode Scanner, 2.0 Megapixels Camera, RFID Reader
  • Multi-expansion by Docking Station (1 x LAN, 1 x RS-232, 3 x USB, 1 x VGA, 1 x Charging Bay)
  • Automatically Lock/Unlock with Biometric Recognition

Clients Can:

  • Be highly mobile and productive
  • Get quick access to data and patient's medical history
  • Track exam results
  • Check medication availability
  • Perform a real-time diagnosis and consultation

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Specifications subject to change without notice.

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